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Can anyone say if this test grid is like the beta? Do money events count as actual?

  • This grid does not seem to be functional anymore.
  • I confirm that I can't access Uma grid. --Opensource Obscure 08:30, 4 April 2008 (PDT)

Ravi grid

Not sure this fits in the main article. I could enter Ravi grid and here are some data - 4 April 2008:

  • Sim: Dore
  • Server release: (so, Havok 1 Physics engine I think)
  • Inventory: up-to-date, in-sync with main grid
  • Money data: apparently 1 month old ~
  • Profile: apparently 1 month old ~
  • Events in Search: up-to-date
  • Map shows other two active sims (Ahern and Bonifacio), while Grignano and Edge are 'red-mapped' (offline). I didn't find any other valid location.