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Separators used to separating items enumerated lists or sentences are not the same across languages. For example ideographic commas are prefered in Chinese or Japanese, and Arabic commas are rotated:

  • English (en): a,b
  • 한국어 (ko): ,
  • 日本語 (ja):
  • 中文 (zh):
  • עברית (he): א,ב
  • العربية (ar): ا،ب
  • ދިވެހިބަސް (dv): ހ،ށ

Note that this template does not return the (word separator) space that normally follows the comma in most languages (but not in Chinese or Japanese, where the ideographic comma already includes it, and where spaces are not used as word separators).

Don't use this template for localizing group separators or decimal separators in numbers.

See also

  • {{, and}}
  • {{List}}
  • {{Comma}} for the usual pausing punctuation between phrases (or subordinates) within sentences, which generally includes some extra space