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Files Types known by the asset system
Reference extension id mime type LSL
Textures texture 0 image/x-j2c INVENTORY_TEXTURE
Sounds sound 1 application/ogg INVENTORY_SOUND
Calling_Card callingcard 2 application/vnd.ll.callingcard
Landmarks landmark 3 application/vnd.ll.landmark INVENTORY_LANDMARK
Clothing clothing 5 application/vnd.ll.clothing INVENTORY_CLOTHING
Primitive primitive 6 application/vnd.ll.primitive INVENTORY_OBJECT
Notecards notecard 7 application/vnd.ll.notecard INVENTORY_NOTECARD
LSL Text lsltext 10 application/vnd.ll.lsltext INVENTORY_SCRIPT
LSL Bytecode lslbyte 11 application/vnd.ll.lslbyte
Bodypart bodypart 13 application/vnd.ll.bodypart INVENTORY_BODYPART
Animations animatn 20 application/vnd.ll.animation INVENTORY_ANIMATION
Gestures gesture 21 application/vnd.ll.gesture INVENTORY_GESTURE
Asset Wrapper asset unassigned application/vnd.ll.asset