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Insert a small edit link within templates when they are transcluded and when their content is not easy to locate in complex pages that use many templates (sometimes nested).


  • The first parameter is mandatory and must be the target (unredirected) full page name.
  • The optional mini parameter is set by default (set it explicitly to an empty string to generate an unabbreviated link showing an edit link like those shown beside article section headings).
  • The optional lang parameter can be set to specify the language code to use if this is not the User language (used only by the word shown in unabbreviated version) or the language determined by the current page (shown in the tooltip hint).


  • {{Edit|Template:Edit}} gives: edit
  • {{Edit|Template:Edit|mini=1}} gives: edit
  • {{Edit|Template:Edit|mini=}} gives: [edit]

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