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This template is to aid in composing of Jira search links, it really shouldn't be used in articles.

Press this link after making a change, so it becomes displayed.


Parameter Table

For parameters accepted by the Sort group see: Template:JiraSearch/Helper/Sort

name type group description
2 text link text
1 text Text Search Text to search for
description boolean Text Search Text search in description
summary boolean Text Search Text search in summary
body boolean Text Search Text search in comments
environment boolean Text Search Text search in environment
Type-Any half-boolean Type
Standard Issue Types half-boolean Type
Bug half-boolean Type
New Feature half-boolean Type
Task half-boolean Type
Improvement half-boolean Type
Meta Issue half-boolean Type
Translation half-boolean Type
Sub-Task Issue Types half-boolean Type
Sub-task half-boolean Type
Status-Any half-boolean Status
Open half-boolean Status
In Progress half-boolean Status
Reopened half-boolean Status
Resolved half-boolean Status
Closed half-boolean Status
Fix Pending half-boolean Status
Ready for Translation half-boolean Status
Translation In Progress half-boolean Status
Translated half-boolean Status
In QA half-boolean Status
Passed QA half-boolean Status
Published half-boolean Status
On Hold half-boolean Status
Editing In Progress half-boolean Status
Edited half-boolean Status
Testing half-boolean Status
Verified half-boolean Status
Verified: Fixed half-boolean Status
Verified: Fix Needed half-boolean Status
Republished half-boolean Status
Resolution-Any half-boolean Resolution
Unresolved half-boolean Resolution
Fixed half-boolean Resolution
Won't Finish half-boolean Resolution
Duplicate half-boolean Resolution
Needs More Info half-boolean Resolution
Cannot Reproduce half-boolean Resolution
Misfiled half-boolean Resolution
Contact Support half-boolean Resolution
Under Advisement half-boolean Resolution
Expected Behavior half-boolean Resolution
Priority-Any half-boolean Priority
Showstopper half-boolean Priority
Critical half-boolean Priority
Major half-boolean Priority
Normal half-boolean Priority
Low half-boolean Priority
Nice to have half-boolean Priority
created:after date date created
created:before date date created
created:previous date date created
created:next date date created
updated:after date date updated
updated:before date date updated
updated:previous date date updated
updated:next date date updated
duedate:after date date duedate
duedate:before date date duedate
duedate:previous date date duedate
duedate:next date date duedate
resolution:after date date resolution
resolution:before date date resolution
resolution:previous date date resolution
resolution:next date date resolution
last-triaged:after date date last-triaged
last-triaged:before date date last-triaged
last-triaged:previous date date last-triaged
last-triaged:next date date last-triaged
first-response:after date date first-response
first-response:before date date first-response
first-response:previous date date first-response
first-response:next date date first-response
Linden Lab Issue ID text
Patch attached boolean
Linden Lab Internal Branch text
Source Version text
Time in Status text
View Watcher text
View Voter text
All-Projects half-boolean Projects
VWR half-boolean Projects
SVC half-boolean Projects
WEB half-boolean Projects
MISC half-boolean Projects
SEC half-boolean Projects
EVT half-boolean Projects
MOZ half-boolean Projects
MU half-boolean Projects
PYO half-boolean Projects
CT half-boolean Projects
No Component half-boolean Component
Any-Component half-boolean Component
Avatar/Character half-boolean Component-VWR
Building (in-world) half-boolean Component-VWR
Chat/IM half-boolean Component-VWR
Crashes half-boolean Component-VWR
Documentation-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
Graphics half-boolean Component-VWR
Groups-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
Internationalization-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
Interop half-boolean Component-VWR
Inventory-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
Land half-boolean Component-VWR
Landmarks/Navigation half-boolean Component-VWR
Linden Dollars (L$) half-boolean Component-VWR
Performance-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
Permissions-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
Scripting half-boolean Component-VWR
Search-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
SLim half-boolean Component-VWR
Sound half-boolean Component-VWR
Source Code-VWR half-boolean Component-VWR
User Interface half-boolean Component-VWR
Voice half-boolean Component-VWR
Groups-SVC half-boolean Component-SVC
Internationalization-SVC half-boolean Component-SVC
Interop - Agent Domain half-boolean Component-SVC
Interop - Region Domain half-boolean Component-SVC
Inventory-SVC half-boolean Component-SVC
LSL HTTP half-boolean Component-SVC
Performance-SVC half-boolean Component-SVC
Permissions-SVC half-boolean Component-SVC
Physics half-boolean Component-SVC
Scripts half-boolean Component-SVC
Search-SVC half-boolean Component-SVC
Simulation half-boolean Component-SVC
Teleport half-boolean Component-SVC
XML-RPC half-boolean Component-SVC
Account summary half-boolean Component-WEB
Age Verification half-boolean Component-WEB
blog.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
cap.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
Events half-boolean Component-WEB
forums.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
Friends Online half-boolean Component-WEB
Interactive map half-boolean Component-WEB
jira.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
Land Store half-boolean Component-WEB
lindenlab.com half-boolean Component-WEB
Lindex half-boolean Component-WEB
lists.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
New account creation half-boolean Component-WEB
Public Data Feeds half-boolean Component-WEB
Public Metrics & Charts half-boolean Component-WEB
secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
secondlifegrid.net half-boolean Component-WEB
status.secondlifegrid.net half-boolean Component-WEB
support.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
teen.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
wiki.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
world.secondlife.com half-boolean Component-WEB
XStreetSL half-boolean Component-WEB
Linden Builds half-boolean Component-MISC
Miscellaneous half-boolean Component-MISC
Documentation-MOZ half-boolean Component-MOZ
LLMozLib2 half-boolean Component-MOZ
Source Code-MOZ half-boolean Component-MOZ
testGL half-boolean Component-MOZ
uBrowser half-boolean Component-MOZ
WebKit half-boolean Component-MOZ
Documentation-PYO half-boolean Component-PYO
Library half-boolean Component-PYO
Test Harness half-boolean Component-PYO
Brazilian Portuguese Web Localization half-boolean Component-CT
Brazilian Portuguese: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Czech: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Danish: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Dutch: Glossary half-boolean Component-CT
Dutch: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
French: Articles half-boolean Component-CT
French: Blog and Announcement half-boolean Component-CT
French: Knowledge Base half-boolean Component-CT
French: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
French: Web half-boolean Component-CT
German: Blog and Announcement half-boolean Component-CT
German: Knowledge Base half-boolean Component-CT
German: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Hungarian: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Italian Terminology half-boolean Component-CT
Italian: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Japanese: Knowledge Base half-boolean Component-CT
Japanese: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Japanese: Web half-boolean Component-CT
Polish: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Russian: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Simplified Chinese: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Spanish Terminology half-boolean Component-CT
Spanish: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Spanish: Web half-boolean Component-CT
Turkish: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Ukrainian: Viewer Strings half-boolean Component-CT
Viewer Testing half-boolean Component-CT
sort/order text Sort Primary sort order
sort/field text Sort Primary sort field
sort2/order text Sort Secondary sort order
sort2/field text Sort Secondary sort field
sort3/order text Sort Third sort order
sort3/field text Sort Third sort field
sort4/order text Sort Forth sort order
sort4/field text Sort Forth sort field