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4416: How do I rent land to other people?

Language Title Jira Last Update Note
English How do I rent land to other people?   30/10/2008  
German Wie verpachte ich Land an andere Einwohner? CT-23 5/12/2008 I added a picture for now and just cheated with the button... I remember that I have seen it before but I believe that only the owner of the region can reclaim the land whereas estate managers can return the land. Link zu Parature 4429, ändern, wenn EN-KB umzieht! 
French Comment louer mon terrain CT-165 12/2/2009 needs localized screenshot 
Japanese 他の住民に土地を貸すにはどうすれば良いですか? CT-150 10/4/2009 waiting for 1.23 for screenshot 

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