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Determines the full page name of a specified category name for the language matching the language of the page currently viewed. If the target category is not found in that language with the same language code, use the generic (untranslated) category without the language code (assuming this is the English category by default on this wiki)

The mandatory parameter 1 is the target category name (normally in English) without any language code prefix, and without the "Category:" namespace.


  • {{LLC|Categories}}, when used in a German page (using the "DE:" prefix) will try to locate Category:DE:Categories if it exists (this can be a redirect to another category name also starting with the "DE:" prefix, but with the rest of the title translated into German (here it is a redirect to Category:DE:Kategorien):
    • when this German category exists, it returns that category name ("Category:DE:Categories" in this example — note that even if this is a redirect, the target of this redirect cannot be determined using the current version of MediaWiki);
    • otherwise it return the category without the language code prefix (i.e. "Category:Categories" in this example).

See also

  • {{LLT}} – similar but for locating a translated template (in the "Template:" namespace)
  • {{LLS}} — used by this template but can be used with any other namespace.