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Constant Value Description
CONTROL_FWD 0x00000001 Move forward control ( or W)
CONTROL_BACK 0x00000002 Move back control ( or S)
CONTROL_LEFT 0x00000004 Move left control (⇧ Shift- or ⇧ Shift-A [ or A in mouselook])
CONTROL_RIGHT 0x00000008 Move right control (⇧ Shift- or ⇧ Shift-D [ or D in mouselook])
CONTROL_ROT_LEFT 0x00000100 Rotate left control ( or A)
CONTROL_ROT_RIGHT 0x00000200 Rotate right control ( or D)
CONTROL_UP 0x00000010 Move up control (PgUp or E)
CONTROL_DOWN 0x00000020 Move down control (PgDn or C)
CONTROL_LBUTTON 0x10000000 Left mouse button control
CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON 0x40000000 Left mouse button control while in mouselook
(undocumented) 0x02000000 Avatar left rotation detected. Triggers llGetAnimation == "Turning Left"
(undocumented) 0x04000000 Avatar right rotation detected. Triggers llGetAnimation == "Turning Right"