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The LSL_Function template is a intermediate template for LSL_Generic, which handles the formating for both functions and events (LSL_Event is also an intermediate template). The main job of this template is to change the parameter, names & setup the right-side floater. Also makes permission requirements a part of the template.

parameter desc example
func Function name
func_id Function ID 1.0
func_sleep Delay 0.0
func_energy Energy 10.0
func_desc Function description text. Gives the monkey a banana
func_footnote Function footnote (appears after the parameters text). Has the side effect of causing the avatar to run in circles shouting like on fire.
return_type return type integer
return_text "Returns a return_type return_text" in most cases return_text can be used instead of func_desc. that is a monkey
p1_type first parameter type
p1_name first parameter name
p1_desc first parameter desc
p1_hover first parameter hover, if not included it defaults to p1_desc
p2_type second parameter type
p2_name second parameter name
p2_desc second parameter desc
p2_hover second parameter hover, if not included it defaults to p2_desc
p12_type twelfth parameter type
p12_name twelfth parameter name
p12_desc twelfth parameter desc
p12_hover twelfth parameter hover, if not included it defaults to p12_desc
constants constants area, no box, please use a table for this section.
spec spec box
caveats caveats box
examples examples box
helpers helper functions box
also_header also header
also_functions also functions indent
also_events also events indent
also_articles also articles indent
also_tests also tests indent
also_footer also footer
notes notes box
mode If mode equals 'god' then it is tagged as requiring godmode. If set to 'request' marks the page as a feature request. If set to 'user' avoids function being added to LSL Function Index, thus enabling usage of this template for documentation of User Functions.
deprecated Marks the function as deprecated. Set the value to the replacement functions name or 'none'. If it is not set to none and it is infact set, it will include a link to the replacement function.
self Special field that you only set if you don't want the function to be included in any categories.
cat1 An LSL specific category and sets the proper sort. (example would add the function to the "LSL Stub" category) Stub
cat2 "
cat3 "
cat4 "
cat5 "
cat6 "
sort not required but used to specify the sort order, if excluded the wiki will calculate this value for you.
location optional: location box, used to say which source file it is defined in.
history a box for function history


Function: void MyFunction( integer i, float f, string s, key k, list l, vector v, rotation r );

A fictitious function[1]
Returns a void (aka nadda, nothing).

• integer i
• float f
• string s
• key k
• list l
• vector v
• rotation r






  • This function causes the script to sleep for 100.5 seconds.caveats
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  • also_articles


Deep Notes


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  • also_tests




  1. ^ Footnote test


function void MyFunction( integer i, float f, string s, key k, list l, vector v, rotation r );