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This is a template for posting conformance tests and proposed conformance tests. This will be the start of a program where everyone can pitch in to write coverage testing of the lsl functions so that we can test on every major release.

The template should have:

  • A section for the script text or scripts if there are multiple. This section needs to not modify the contents when looking at the source, and preferably no modify the contents when looking at the page.
  • A section for a linden signature of the text. This way, we can publicly post the text and sign it as an indication that it has been accepted. Anyone with the key for the signer will be able to verify the script text with this section. An armored signature will be the likely content.
  • A section for notes can comments on the behavior. This should be optional.
  • A section for instructions on use. This should be optional.
  • A line of text for putting things like 'accepted', 'not accepted', etc. This should probably be at the top, but I am not sure.

It would be nice to have:

  • A process to list every ll function in use, which would link back to the ll function documentation on the wiki.
  • A way to list related scripts, and link to them. Sort of a see also section.






This section should merely be one or more instances of Template:LSL conformance script