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Constant Value Description
SIT_NOT_EXPERIENCE -1 The script is not running as part of an experience with a valid experience key or the experience is not allowed at your location.
SIT_NO_EXPERIENCE_PERMISSION -2 The agent has not granted permission.
SIT_NO_SIT_TARGET -3 Unable to find an open sit target.
SIT_INVALID_AGENT -4 Unable to find specified agent.
SIT_INVALID_LINK -5 Unable to find specified link or the link constant would return multiple prims.
SIT_NO_ACCESS -6 The avatar does not have access to the parcel that the prim running this script is located in.
SIT_INVALID_OBJECT -7 This value is returned if the llSitOnLink is trying to force the user to sit on something that cannot be sat upon (such as an attachment).