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This template is used to produce a simple loop. It is based on Module:String, and there is no limit to the number of iterations it can perform.


{{loop|times to repeat|string}}

If string contains an equals sign, you must put "|2=string" instead of "|string".



When the string being replicated includes "=", we have to precede the second parameter with "2=", or use {{=}}. {{loop|9|2==}}

Template data

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TemplateData for Loop

        "description": "The template is used to produce a simple loop of repeated strings.",
        "params": {
                "1": {
                        "label": "Number",
                        "description": "Number of times to repeat",
                        "type": "number",
                        "required": true
                "2": {
                        "label": "String",
                        "description": "The string to be repeated. Use {{=}} if the string contains an equals sign.",
                        "type": "string",
                        "required": true

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