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[[Template:{{{1}}}]] ([{{fullurl:Template:{{{1}}}|action=edit}} edit] | [[Template talk:{{{1}}}|talk]] | [{{fullurl:Template:{{{1}}}|action=history}} history] | [{{fullurl:Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:{{{1}}}}} links] | [{{fullurl:Template:{{{1}}}|action=watch}} watch] | logs)

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This template and the other related templates listed below produce a series of links for a specified page that is generally, though not always, of the form:

Page (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)

The six links are:

editedit the page;
talk/subject – access its talk page (or if the target page is a talk page, its subject page);
history – access its edit history;
links – access the what links here feature;
watch – add the page to one's watchlist; and
log – access its logs.

The major difference between the templates is the namespace of the page to which it is applied.


Namespace Link to subject page Link to talk page
General {{pagelinks|FULL PAGE NAME}}
Same as for subject page
Article {{la|ARTICLE}} {{lat|ARTICLE}}
Draft {{ld|DRAFT}} {{ldt|DRAFT}}
Template {{lt|TEMPLATE}} {{ltt|TEMPLATE}}
Wikipedia {{lw|PAGE}} {{lwt|PAGE}}
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/ {{lafd|PAGE}}
User {{lu|PAGE}} {{lut|PAGE}}[1]
Category {{lc|PAGE}} {{lct|PAGE}}
File {{lf|FILE}} {{lft|FILE}}
Portal {{lp|PORTAL}} {{lpt|PORTAL}}
MediaWiki {{lm|MESSAGE}} {{lmt|MESSAGE}}
Help {{lh|PAGE}} {{lht|PAGE}}
TimedText {{lttxt|TIMEDTEXT}} {{lttxtt|TIMEDTEXT}}
Module {{lmd|MODULE}} {{lmdt|MODULE}}
  1. For a similar template for user accounts, see Template:user


Code Result
{{pagelinks|Category:Stubs}} Template:Pagelinks
{{pagelinks|Category talk:Stubs}} Template:Pagelinks
{{ln|Category|Stubs}} Template:Ln
{{lnt|Category|Stubs}} Template:Lnt
{{la|Article}} Template:La
{{lat|Article}} Template:Lat
{{ld|Draft}} Template:Ld
{{ldt|Draft}} Template:Ldt
{{lt|Deprecated template}} Template:Deprecated template (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)
{{ltt|Deprecated template}} Template:Ltt
{{lu|Example}} Template:Lu
{{lut|Example}} Template:Lut
{{lw|About}} Template:Lw
{{lwt|About}} Template:Lwt
{{lc|Stubs}} Category:Stubs (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)
{{lct|Stubs}} Template:Lct
{{lf|1944 NormandyLST.jpg}} Template:Lf
{{lft|1944 NormandyLST.jpg}} Template:Lft
{{lp|Television}} Template:Lp
{{lpt|Television}} Template:Lpt
{{lm|Common.css}} Template:Lm
{{lmt|Common.css}} Template:Lmt

{{subst:ln|Category|Stubs}} results (or resulted) in this code:

{{lx|1=:{{ucfirst:Category}}:|2={{ucfirst:Stubs}}|3=:Category talk|4=talk}}

Note the important colon in 1=:, unnecessary (?) for other Lx namespaces.
Substituting both Lx and Ucfirst finally arrived at (line breaks added manually):

 <span class="plainlinksneverexpand">[[:Category:Stubs]] <tt>(</tt>
 [{{fullurl::Category:Stubs|action=edit}} edit]<tt>|</tt>
 [[:Category talk:Stubs|talk]]<tt>|</tt>
 [{{fullurl:Special:Whatlinkshere/:Category:Stubs|limit=999}} links]<tt>|</tt>
 [{{fullurl::Category:Stubs|action=history}} history]<tt>|</tt>
 [{{fullurl::Category:Stubs|action=watch}} watch]<tt>)</tt></span>

See also

Template:Internal category-link templates


This is the "Wikipedia logo"TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, "Wikipedia logo"VisualEditor and other tools. Click here to see a monthly parameter usage report for this template based on this TemplateData.

TemplateData for Lt

	"params": {
		"1": {
			"description": "Name of the target page.",
			"type": "wiki-page-name",
			"required": true
	"description": "Produces a series of links for a specified page."