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	"description": "Template used to propose merging a page with another",
    "format": "inline",
	"params": {
		"1": {
			"description": "merge target",
			"example": "1=Tag:highway=primary",
			"type": "wiki-page-name",
			"required": true
		"2": {
			"description": "discussion page name if not equal to the discussion page of the page the template is placed on",
			"example": "Talk:Wiki / 2=Tag:highway=motorway",
			"type": "wiki-page-name"
		"lang": {
			"description": "language code, use if the language inferred from the page title is not correct",
			"example": "uk",
			"type": "string",
			"default": "en"
		"nocat": {
			"description": "insert any text to switch off categorisation, useful for wiki manuals like \"Wiki organisation\"",
			"type": "string"
		"date": {
			"description": "merge proposal date (if known)",
			"type": "date"
  • First parameter: the page this page should be merged with
  • Second parameter (optional): talk page, if different from the default talk page associated to the page tagged with this banner

If the target page name contains an equal sign, prefix the page name with "1=", for example (taken from OpenStreetMap): {{Merge|1= Tag:highway=primary }}

The marked page will be categorized in Category:Suggested merges.

See also

  • {{Mbox}} – basis of this template