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Consider using Template:SL-hCard/2.0 instead of this template, as it is more customisable than this template.

I (SignpostMarv Martin) quickly ported this template over from the SL History Wiki.

It's a geeky method of emulating the SL Profile and uses the hCard Microformat, and is in need of being modified to be more efficient- using the Parser functions if this wiki has them installed.

Guidelines for usage

It is suggested that SL hCard be created in your account's userspace as a separate article, purely for the convenience and flexibility to modify the hCard without affecting the edit history of an article it is included in, and also to make it easier to include the hCard in other articles as shown below.

Guidelines for modification

  • Please don't modify the code extensively if you're not familiar with MediaWiki syntax.
  • Please sign a bug with <small>discovered by ~~~~</small>
    • Similarly, please sign when a bug has been fixed by using <del>example</del> around the bug description followed by <ins>fixed by ~~~~</ins>
  • Once the bugs are fixed, it would be appreciated if the template was locked from being edited by non-admins, for the same reasons the Infobox templates are locked on the Wikipedia

Any random questions about the SL-hCard should be made on the talk page for this template, or on my talk page

Known Bugs

  1. External image loading is disabled- see WEB-11


Example for a code:


If you're not sure of your UUID, you can get it in-world by creating the following script:

<lsl style="font-size:140%;"> default { state_entry() { llOwnerSay((string)llGetOwner()); } } </lsl>

  • The UUID is optional. If you delete it, the corresponding part is not displayed.
  • Please refrain from adding UUIDs to someone else's hCard
  • Please refrain from using other Resident's UUIDs (even if it's an alt of yours)