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  • Update: Bugs appear to be fixxored. Permissions box is currently available in Pro Racer🖈. It's the Torleyised swirl sticking out of the ground next to the Hippo. Other permissions boxes will be placed in other areas of the grid that are more easily accessible to non-volunteers.

http://static.slopenid.net/img/resident-status/online.png Will be displayed when the Resident is online.

http://static.slopenid.net/img/resident-status/offline.png Will be displayed when the Resident is offline.

http://static.slopenid.net/img/resident-status/not%20available.png will be displayed when the Resident's status is not available.

http://static.slopenid.net/img/resident-status/error.png will be displayed when there has been an error (usually if the Resident hasn't granted permissions to the tracker).



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