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This page is about 'displaying' markup tags. For 'using' markup tags, see the #tag magic word. For the inline maintenance tag, see Template:Fix.
{{tag|tagname [|type] [|content=text] [|attribs=attributes and values]}}

A "Wikipedia logo"markup tag is an open < and a close > angle brackets and the content within them, in a markup language, as "Wikipedia logo"XML or "Wikipedia logo"HTML:

For example, the <title> tag provides a title for the Web page.

This template provides a quick way to mention a markup-style tag in a preformatted way. Mainly used in discussion/help pages.


Required parameters shown in bold italics.

|1 =  (tagname above)
The XML/HTML tag's name (e.g. 100%, 100%).
|2 =  (type above)
To indicate which of the tag's types is/are presented:
p  (pair) (default)
A matching pair of open/start and close/end tags (e.g. <div>...</div>).
To suppress the ellipsis ("...") between the tags, add an empty |content = parameter (for example, <div></div>).
o  (open)
An open/start tag (e.g. <span>).
c  (close)
A close/end tag (e.g. </span>).
e  (empty)  or  s  (single)  or  v  (void)
An empty element, formed with a single self-terminating tag (e.g. <hr />); in HTML5 these are now known as "void" elements, though "empty" is the more common term.
|content =
Text to place between open/start and close/end tags.
|attribs =
Attributes and values to be included as part of an open/start tag (this parameter can also be called |params =).
|wrap = yes
Disable nowrap for long samples, so allowing wraps (line breaks).
|link = yes
Link to the element's entry at the HTML element article, e.g.:
This is only for HTML elements; the page is hard-coded, so it cannot be used for, e.g., XML elements from a particular schema. If desired, a feature for specifying the link page can be added.



Global use and documentation

For a global use of this template in other sister or Wikimedia projects, after copying it to paste in the destination project, remember to change in the code:

|p|pair = <{{#if:{{{link|}}}|[[HTML element#

by this one:

|p|pair = <{{#if:{{{link|}}}|[[Wikipedia:en:HTML element#

Remark that the code Wikipedia:en: has been added.

For template documentation in the sister project, you can use Template:Wikipedia doc.

See also

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