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The desktop and mobile browsing interfaces on Wikipedia differ substantially, and sometimes different templates are more or less suitable for a specific interface. For this reason certain templates do not display in mobile view, using the class = "nomobile"

As of March 2017, only the "nomobile"-class is implemented, and "nodesktop" / "mobileonly" classes do nothing because they are not enabled in MediaWiki:Common.css or MediaWiki:Mobile.css — this means only the {{Template display|nomobile}} or {{Template display|desktoponly}} have any use.

This template does not itself control where content is displayed. It is only intended for template documentation to say where another template displays.


Adaptive templates

{{Template display|adaptive}}

Desktop only templates

{{Template display|nomobile}}

Mobile only templates

{{Template display|nodesktop}}

Images used

See also

  • {{tmboxw}} – a possible workaround for {{tmbox}}es that are otherwise desktop-only