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The correct title of this article is Template:visl. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.
Please refrain from editing this article directly, it is meant to be included in other articles, such as user pages.


Step by step guide:

  • First log on to this wiki, use your Second Life name and password
  • Copy the code below, the code starting with {{visl ... and ending with }}
  • Click on your name at the top of the wiki to visit your user page
  • Click on the Edit tab on your user page (do not edit this page)
  • Paste the wiki code you copied into your user page
  • Put an Asterisk next to each group you're in. See the examples below
If you're placing it on a page that doesn't start with your username, set the name variable to your username.
  • Finally, if you are in doubt as to how to use the visl template, ask a Wiki Scribe

SL Volunteers TSL Volunteers
Full Spec Full Spec
currently non supported

Category abbreviations

Here is a guide to the abbreviations used by the visl template


This template contains some more (undocumented) variables due to historical reasons. However, these aren't meant to be used anymore.