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The {{Wiki}} or {{Wp}} template is used for creation of a link to Wikipedia :

  • {{Wiki}} ‒ Single parameter; use title of Wikipedia article.
  • {{Wiki}} ‒ Optionally, specify an alternate language code.

Non-English Wikipedias

Using only the bare Wikipedia article title defaults to linking to the English Wikipedia; if a language prefix is used, the link leads to the language-specific Wikipedia.

For instance, {{Wiki}} and {{Wiki}} lead to the German-language and English-language versions of articles on "Railway electrification system".

Alternatively you can use an optional 2nd parameter to specify the Wikipedia language code that will not be displayed but will link to the same Wikipedia article.

For instance, {{Wiki}} renders as de:Bahnstrom, while {{Wiki}} renders as Bahnstrom, but both will link to the same German-language article.

See also

  • Template:WikiIcon draws an icon.
  • Template:Wikipedia adds extra text ("on Wikipedia").
  • Instead, you could also just use a direct wiki link: [[wikipedia:xx:pagename|display text]] (xx being the language code; "|display text" is optional).