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name this file makepacketdict.py in order to use it

# uses the client's message_template.msg file to create a dictionary of name and other relevant packet info...
# make sure that message_template.msg has had all leading spaces removed and replaced with the correct number of  tabs --I was exceedingly lazy when I wrote this and assumed a consistent tabbing scheme in the template

import re

def makepacketdict():
    dict = {}
    for line in open("message_template.msg"):
        results = re.match("^\t([^\t{}]+.+)",line)
        if results:
            aline = results.group(1)
            aline = aline.split()
            if aline[1] == "Fixed": 
                dict[(aline[1],int(aline[2][8:],16))] = (aline[0],aline[3], aline[4])
                dict[(aline[1],int(aline[2]))] = (aline[0],aline[3], aline[4])
    return dict