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While this todo list is specific for LSL Functions, it doubles as the suggestion table for LSL Events, Constants and Conditionals.

  • See Also-Examples should be moved into Examples section -- Will need better name.
  • Split Issues into Issues and Bugs, put bugs into Caveats - Done for functions & constants.
  • Rename Caveats to "Take Note" or "Be Aware"
  • Promote Issues subsction into Notes. -- Easy
  • JIRA Search link. In notes? -- Easy - done for functions & constants.
  • #var:type collision between templates, causes errors in the documentation. Rename variable -- Half Done
  • New hidden category sorting LSL topics by bug count. -- Easy (Done for functions)
  • Common Mistakes section?
  • Disable category inclusion for requests?
  • Get/Set Caveat separation for sub-templates #var:caveats_set, #var:caveats_get, will aid in using the templates for constants. -- Tedious
  • Change History section to a table? - Tedious. History section format and layout needs standardizing first.
  • Generic: Setup bug counting in category thingy
  • TODO: make sure #var:name isn't used by other templates.


  • Hover & Description for parameters - If a template sets both the hover & description but the user only supplies a description (which is appended to the end of the templates description), it will not be copied over to the hover (which is contrary to how descriptions usually work). If the user supplies both a hover and description but the template only supplies a description, the templates description will not be copied over and only the user's hover will be displayed. This is solvable but time consuming.

An item may live on the list for a long time because

  1. It's half baked. These are marked with question marks. Typically there are good reasons not to implement them, there are many ways of implementing it, or there isn't a pressing need.
  2. It would take a lot of work to implement. Some items may involve editing hundreds of pages.

Changes to the uniform style are typically tried out on the Events first, there aren't that many of them and making multiple changes doesn't hurt the wiki as much as making a change to either Functions or Constants. Conditionals is often forgotten during the update cycle.

Please post your suggestions here


Since the template uses only variables. Why not convert the sections into their own little template modules? It would make maintaining the various templates much easier. To implement new features just modify the module then expose the features to the templates that use them. The advantage is two fold, it ensures consistent implementation across the templates and changes propagate instantly. This has already turned out to be very useful with the caveats section. More sections could benefit from this.

Then again, this is essentially what the Template:LSL Generic was meant to do though it went too far. It was too hard to use. This module approach may be a good compromise. -- Strife (talk|contribs) 07:43, 16 May 2010 (UTC)


Parameter mode=user is making the function signature blank. It should either be removed or correctly filled, but not blanked. [Edit: see Ord as an example] --Pedro Oval 11:47, 14 May 2014 (PDT)

~_~ I'll fix it. -- Strife (talk|contribs) 11:22, 15 May 2014 (PDT)