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Emergence Emergence

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Support Email: lordgreggreg at gmail dot com
Second Life Contact: LordGregGreg Back

Platforms: Windows Windows
KBcaution.png Missing Important Current Features
This viewer lacks support for some Second Life features that may be important to experiencing the virtual world in a way compatible with other users, including Mesh Object Rendering and Multiple Attachments.



Emergence first emerged at the time that the Emerald Viewer was intentionally placing their users systems at risk. It was created with the goal to completely remove all code that could have been potentially tampered with in order to provide a secure alternative for people who needed a similar feature set, without using the emerald executable. More information on this can be found Here and Here. Eventually other developers also realized that emerald could not be salvaged, and a group of developers started the Phoenix Viewer project with a similar goal and emerald code base. Due to their larger support and development team, and sharing the same goal, the Emergence viewer is Mostly Suspended.

Code Differences

A human readable list of changes can found at the bottom of the Google Code Hosting Page.

Additionally, after the merge of the Phoenix code base, commit logs can be easily viewed on this log.

Developers and Support

Due to the nature of this project, all Development and Support is ran by LordGregGreg Back.

Most quick support issues can be answered by other users in either the Emergence Group or LordGregGreg's Group.

For issues with the code, you can send a IM or a Email or (after you have checked other issues please) file a issue on the Issues Page.

Support issues with the viewer can be logged for review


Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the listed viewers or developers. These third-party viewers are not affiliated with or overseen by Linden Lab. Please take reasonable precautions, including virus scanning, before installing and using any of the listed viewers.