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Genesis Genesis


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Support Email: genesisviewer at gmail dot com
Second Life Contact: Genesis Viewer Group

Platforms: Windows Windows


Genesis is a blazingly fast, high performance viewer for Second Life, offering the very latest features, never seen before in a Legacy style viewer.

We include the very latest technology and provide features and functionality on par with all leading viewers, with the added benefit of low memory footprint, which makes this viewer so ideal for laptops. See this viewer in action:

Special Features:

  • Multi-threaded decoding options for faster rendering on computers with multiple cores, whilst still fully supporting lower end computers.
  • Built in AO Engine supporting as many animations and routines as you care to add.
  • Colorable Contact Sets, group residents in user defined categories. Inbound IM's also display the contact set name of the resident.
  • Favourites floater to drag and drop landmarks into for quick Teleports.
  • "Genesis Button" on UI to access quick preferences, EEP, Windlight, Hover height, Camera angles, Main settings and Toolbar button preferences.
  • Choose who to render; everyone, friends only or just yourself.
  • Set avatar complexity limits and do not render those above your settings with ability to bypass limits for friends.
  • Ability to IM yourself from Communications toolbar button. Ideal for notes and SLurls.
  • Drag and Drop open IM's and Group IM tabs in the chat floater to rearrange their order.
  • Powerful Link Search and Replace (or delete) for bulk inventory update.
  • Search improvements for friends and group names.
  • Recent group chat history of up to 60 minutes before you logged in!
  • Fast cache poke on initialising for a "happy lappy".
  • Choice of over a dozen light and dark viewer skins and ability to create your own.
  • Automatic (or manual) self monitoring bandwidth settings.
  • Existence of Profile notes can automatically change an avatar's hovertext name colour if you so desire.
  • Fast peek inside an inventory folder by right clicking it and choosing open in new window without needing a new instance of inventory.
  • Ability to save changes you make to an outfit you are wearing. Inventory Window: File > Update outfit.
  • Mouse roll over a resident will show their complexity.
  • EEP closely emulated for maximum performance.
  • Special Effect real-time filters for video and photography available from Genesis Quick Preferences menu.
  • Radar can alert you on people entering a region (as well as leaving if you desire).
  • Keyword alerts, Auto Responses and Advanced chat facilities.
  • Ability to control debug values you frequently change from local chat (or stacked in a gesture).
  • Ability to Abuse report from profile, or local chat, just a right mouse click away.
  • Spam filters, RLV support and everything you would expect from a cutting edge viewer.
  • And did we mention, it is fast!

Go Faster. Go Genesis.


Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the listed viewers or developers. These third-party viewers are not affiliated with or overseen by Linden Lab. Please take reasonable precautions, including virus scanning, before installing and using any of the listed viewers.