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Restrained Love

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Support Email: marinekelley at gmail dot com
Second Life Contact: Marine Kelley

Platforms: Windows WindowsMacOS MacOS


The RLV enhances your experience when you use it in conjunction with RLV-compatible objects, that are very common around the SL grid now. It is primarily intended to be used by BDSM fans with BDSM oriented objects in-world, which are able to restrict the user from detaching items, receiving IMs, hearing chat, teleporting etc. It can also be useful for totally PG purposes, such as forcing to teleport somewhere (facilitating transport networks), changing the Windlight settings through scripts (helping sim owners), preventing from teleporting out of a maze, etc.

Please note:

This viewer was formerly known as "Restrained Life Viewer", and changed name to "Restrained Love Viewer" to comply with the TPV policy. It still stays broadly known as simply "the RLV".

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