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Wings is not a 3D paint program, you can create the texture for your sculpty in a 2D paint program and display it in Wings. Later, you upload the sculpty texture map and the regular texture separately, and make your object in world.

A more recent version of these instructions is here.

Detailed steps

Instructions thanks to Omei Turnbull.

  1. Import one of Hypatia's .OBJ files and save it as a Wings file with a new name.
  2. Select the whole sphere, right mouse click, and select UV Mapping. An "Auto_UV" window will open. We're not going to do anything with it yet, so you can close it. But it is necessary to open it once before doing the next step.
  3. From the Window menu on the Geometry window, select Outliner. An Outliner window will open, and it will have 4 items in it. The ones we're interested in are the texture named auvBG and the material named default.
  4. Have Wings create a regular image file for the texture by left-clicking on the auvBG line, then right-clicking and choosing Make External. (Notice that when using the Outliner window, you first have to select the line with a left click and then open the context menu with a right click. If the context menu doesn't contain the options you expect, it's probably because you forgot to first select the line with a left click.)
  5. Drag the auvBG line to the default material line. In response to the Texture Type dialog box, pick Diffuse.
  6. The sphere in the Geometry window should now be textured with a colored rectangular grid of letters. This is Wing's default texture.
  7. In a 2D paint program (GIMP, Photoshop) open up the bitmap you had Wings create earlier. Add a layer, and start painting.
  8. Save the image. In Wings, select the auvBG name in the Outliner window, and select Refresh.

See Also

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