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Hi there, welcome to my page. I am Aeron Kohime.

I am studying in the amazing field of Artificial Intelligence! I have past experience in Artificial Nueral Networks, as well as Statistical, Heuristic, and Log based data Analysis and data mining. I have knowledge of advanced trignometry and some basic calculus (strange huh). In secondlife I am generally a decent if underestimated scripter, due to that most my experience is in things that are hard to transistion to secondlife without crashing the grid.. er I mean the sim. :3

I am also an expiring artist, my art is.. bad, but I am trying to get better in any way I can.

I work hard as I can but it normally goes poorly, if you want my help all you have to do is ask and i'll try my absolute best to help you out.. as long as it isn't financially (I am poor T_T).

In short I want to do everything but I know I can't, so I try to do as much as I can.

In secondlife I have recently joined the military combat groups, I am apparently doing well as scripter there I find it very stimulating and I am learning new tricks very quickly!