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Who am I?

My name is Agathos Frascati. I was born on a common day, as a matching of human curiousity with an article about a new world called Second Life, read ocasionally on a web page, by 2006. Abandoned at my own for almost a year, I was rescued by august 2007 and since then, became totally imersed in this fascinating world.

Who is behind me?

I am the avatar of Salvador Sergi Agati, a brazilian electronic engineer, born on july 1957, mastering in Digital Systems, experienced on analog audio and video signals used on TV studios. Salvador has good knowledge on microcomputers and had the opportunity to project and implement some PC-based hardware and software interfaces, mainly to telemetry and telecomand needs, used in TV Networks. He lives in São Paulo, a city of São Paulo state, in Brazil, and runs his own business, doing services to engineers and architects.

Things I can do

I do scripts. I love scripting. Talk to me about scripts and I´ll do my best to help you. I like to learn new subjects all the time. I know some basics of buildings too. I like to help new avatars to find their first safe places to start their jorney in SL. I like to do technical translations from english to portuguese, too.