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Infos about me

SL Name Alexa Soyer
Rez Date March 14, 2006
My Avatar Apperance Mix of almost everything I guess. :P But I would say my apperance is quite ordinary most of the time. Although I'm wearing a fox tail sometimes. :P
Home Location *Filigreemotion* Shoes and More🖈
SL Skills ummmm.... I guess we can count building as a skill and babbling :P
What I am doing in SL I'm a builder and designer. Building and designing shoes, boots, accessores and hair for men and women.

I am also a SL Mentor, friend and chat partner. Please feel free to drop me a line whenever you feel like doing it. :D

What I am doing in RL In RL I am a pedagogics student, working voluntary with kids and teens.
Languages English and german.