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Allen Kerensky

Allen Kerensky

Allen Kerensky writes Linden and OpenSim scripts, science-fiction screenplays, creates machinima (machine cinema) in collaboration with Moebius Overdrive, and roleplays in the multiple SecondLife regions and OpenSimulator grids.


Myriad RPG System and Myriad Lite

Note: Myriad RPG development has moved to OpenSimulator.

My scripted virtual world role-playing game prototype:

September 2009 News

I have joined Baroun Tardis and Joelle Tardis as part of the House Tardis Creativity System (HTCS) development team, developing a next-generation roleplaying and combat meter for SecondLife, from scratch. More news soon!

April 2009 News

Players and the owner of the roleplaying sim in SecondLife is handed a stack of DMCA notices and given 2 business days to remove all DUNE-related names from SecondLife... some of the articles written about the event I now remember as The Great Renaming:

April 2008 Interview

an interview with machinima maker Allen Kerensky posted to Orange Island by Yesterday Demain on Thursday May 1, 2008, from an interview conducted in-world on Thursday April 17, 2008 by Natty Foggarty

Who is Allen Kerensky?

I am part of a team, with Moebius Overdrive.

What is your background?

Buhbuhcuh Fairchild dared us to do it. It was fun, so we kept on.

How would you define your work?


What gear & software would you recommend for machinima?

Use the tools that work for you. Try as many as you can lay your hands on, in real projects, preferably side by side, and develop your own toolchain that you are comfortable with for each step in the pipeline. This also helps for future projects to know which tool might fit those projects best, or how to design around harder to work parts of various tools in your pipeline. Personally, I run from Fedora Linux [1], and use free/open source almost exclusively, and hoping nVidia will open source as much of their driver as possible so I can run completely from open source. Open source means you can see exactly what it does, how it does, and make changes if you want. That’s the kind of software I recommend for anything.

Which machinima communities / sources do you follow?

None. Why chase after others at all when you can follow your own vision. If someone follows you, great, be willing to help them. This is why I would rather teach, or do, than talk about myself and machinima in general.

What are your favorite SL Machinima pieces?

I am jealous of “Better Life” [2] by Robbie Wright because he did everything I ever wanted to do with machinima before I thought to do it, in this one film. I am also jealous of Aimee Weber pieces like “Tour of the Solar System” [3] that nail the true power of machinima for educational and other inspiring uses, so elegantly.

Do you have a “machinima trick” you’d like to share ?

The main trick is entirely mental. You have to WANT to step outside of your comfort zone, ignore the fact that you are beating software into delivering your vision even when it doesn’t want to, and accept the challenge of getting to the finish despite the aggravation. Just like real life. You can’t do it, if you don’t try.

What’s on your machinima-made-easier wishlist?

Everyone always says facial animation, which would help a lot of folks who make movies that need faces, so I agree. I like robots more, which don’t need faces, so my personal choice is to incorporate Celtx [4], and its Tadpole extensions to Mozilla, into the browser built into the Viewer. The client is open source, so it should be possible, but I am not that much of a C++ programmer myself.

What are your upcoming projects?

Ed Wood Film Festival [5] 2008?


Moebius Overdrive's [6]

Video sites where your films can be seen (URLs):

Archives - Blip.TV [7]

START (2006) - [8]

SL Locations featuring contents you made: ( Note: the following sim disbanded, text maintained below as part of the original interview article - AK. ) Tabletop Gamer’s Space, Old Town (194, 87, 36) [9] [10] is where I setup my experimental table to play pen-and-paper RPGs using this as a virtual tabletop.

-- original available at Orange Island [11]


Crew Credits

  • Story developer
  • Screenwriter
  • Voice actor
  • Avatar actor
  • Music and sound FX coordination
  • LSL scripting
  • Final editing


  • Alt-Zoom Studios, Lukanida (founding contributor since its inception in September, 2005) - Update: Lukanida fell off of the grid. Sadness.
  • MachiniMafia - now disbanded.


  • Resize your your SL Viewer to NTSC or PAL standard resolution before recording, using the Edit Preferences -> Graphics -> Window Size drop down.
  • Enable Advanced Menu with CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D
  • Use Advanced Menu -> Debug Settings -> Play Typing Anim -> FALSE to stop people from adding typing sounds to your captures.
    • Note: Newer SL Viewers have an Edit Preference for this now.
  • Linux users can use xmodmap -e "keycode 67 = F1 F1" to stop Linux from switching to text console when pressing CTRL-ALT-F1.
    • xmodmap -e "keycode 67 = F1 XF86_Switch_VT_1" to restore normal Linux behavior
  • Parcel Owners can build huge video walls to use as easily selectable backdrops without requiring you to pay to upload tons of textures.
    • Project quicktime on the media texture as a form of animated rear-projection.
    • Quicktime shows MANY media types as its stream, including still or animated images such as GIF.
  • Don't laugh, but the Restrained Life BDSM toolset grants a film-maker fine-grained voice, menu, or even scripted control over an actor avatar's costume, attachments, and even Windlight environment views.
  • Roleplaying is a great way to develop character, plot, and story-telling skills.
    • Building a 3D roleplay game in-world requires most of the same skills required for machinima, and provides a way to keep skills sharp between film projects, while having fun.

Hardware Platform

  • HP HP Pavilion Elite 570f
  • AMD AMD Athlon 6-core 3.2GHz processor with 16GB RAM and 2TB hardware mirror storage
  • AMD AMD Radeon HD 5970 dual GPU
  • Logitech USB headset microphone
  • 3DConnexion Space Navigator for Flycam.
  • Logitech Cordless Rumblepad for Joystick Flycam.

Software Toolbox

In-World Tools