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I've grown considerably since I initially landed in SecondLife so long ago. I've picked up and been able to at least master most of the aspects of SecondLife, and more! If you need help with any of these things, let me know, and I'll do my best to help you.


  • LSL
    • Physics
    • Internal Communication (interacting with other objects and scripts inworld effectively)
    • External Communication (interacting with web servers, etc)
    • Tracking, collecting, and maintaining large amounts of data
    • General Mathematics
    • Notecard
    • User interaction
      • Menus (blue menus)
      • Intuitive text chat commands
    • Using PHP to interact with MySQL to create dynamic sites
    • Use of PHP's socket commands
    • Security
  • HTML
  • Javascript

Contact Information

You can contact me a number of ways; take your pick and go for it. If I can respond at the moment, I will!

  • Email
  • SecondLife Instant Message
    • Arbitar Basiat
  • SecondLife Location
  • AIM
    • o2arbitar
  • Skype
    • arbitar