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Welcome to my user page. I am resident Aryan Saphir. I wanted to create this page to keep information I find useful here. When SL comes back up, I'll post the associated locations.

1. Camping takes time and effort. Don't expect to find any real money coming in while camping. The most payout I've found is L$3 per 10 minutes. Most of the camping places I've found are 1 or 2 Lindens per 10 minutes. Check out Fizzle Land for high quality camping, beautiful scenery and higher payouts. It is a small area designated for camping. It's a pretty picnic setting even includes a cute donut shop as a camper.

2. Great freebies at The Freebie Warehouse at the Burns region. I wouldn't hang out there too often or much because of frequent griefers.

3. You can find a lot of good quality very low cost clothing and avatar accessories at Enkythings L$1 Shop.

4. Torley Linden has a lot of good tutorials on SL and the various in-world activities you will probably be interested in. Search YouTube for Torley Linden or visit his website

5. IMing a Linden due to in-world issues or other bugs will not accomplish anything. You should always use the bug tracker.

Once SL is back up, I'll add more! :-)

Aryan Saphir