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In a Steed Merlin hat

In SecondLife, I'm a role-player, a machinimatographer and a builder. In real life, I'm a writer and producer of theatre, film and television. I am fascinated by the engaging nature of interactive worlds and find myself particularly drawn to SecondLife, because (unlike most MMORPH and RPG environments), SL is literally constructed by the people using it. This appeals to the community organizer in me (I'm a founder of a social media website and a mediator) and the artist.

NeoVic SLUrl PIC.gif

My current SL project is a SIM-chain called "NeoVictoria". SecondLife role-players need a place to act and directors need a place to shoot their machinima. NeoVictoria is a unique role-playing platform that brings these creatives together in a supportive and collaborative environment. The ultimate goal of NeoVictoria is to create a virtuous circle where role-play becomes machinima which generates value for the community of people involved. Here's the NeoVictoria SLUrl🖈. NeoVictoria also has its own community portaland an in-world group called the NeoVictoria Roleplay Group.

If you'd like to see some of my machinima, visit my House of Asils website or my SecondLife Machinima Artists Guild page.