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Welcome on my profile :)

Initialy came on Second Life to meet a friend, my eyes quickly saw the little icon "Create" with a lot of interrests. Even if i did some (short) studies about arts, Im not realy into graphismes nor 3D design RL, but i always loved to create or build younger and got a lot of creativity! (maybe legos and models helped)

That's how i became a builder on SL (and only on SL with SL tools).

I do (and did) about every kind of builds, including textures, and architectures works (excepted avatars stuffs, and sculpted works - as well sculptures than sculpted prims that use to give me headackes). So i wont build you favorite pet or other intergalactic monsters.

I like the precision, the exactitude and to know the history of what im building. I can spend several days just to find the correct documentations about a project i have to build. By the fact my preferences are about to duplicate a real objet on Second life, as exhibition, but i can, sometime, accept about some improvisation works, if i like the project.

So my principal works are about realistic objets, and especialy the industrial ones (trains, vehicules, space modules, engines, ships, HQ and historical buildings and objets, and about everything you can see in the streets or at your office everyday, or in some documentaries, or in your favorite history schoolbooks!).

My pricipal customers are corporations and gov but i like to help the SL citizen in there projects too when i got time.

My latest implications about future, present, or past projects are about ELDEX, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA), US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), SL business Magazine, National Space Society and NASA.

I dont realy use the web to promote my skills, but, invited in some websites where i could publish some, i put some of my creations. Those ones is where i put the most of them:



And if you already met me inworld, you probably noticed that im very talkative and like to help. (when i dont talk, im building, if im not building and not talking, that because im sleeping on the keyboard or doing some texture works). But i read and answere as well to my IMs.

Have fun!