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2guys n aBall.jpg
Two guys 'n a ball

iBall Player Registration

  1. Obtain Gamepiece from vendor near Scoreboard
  2. Wear Gamepiece: Inventory > Objects > iBall Gamepiece (dbl-click item)
  3. Touch Scoreboard to register as player

LMX LandmarkExchange.png
Landmark Exchange (LMX) objects.


  • Owner can: disable submissions, set to group submit only
  • User can: cancel, receive all LMs, submit new LM(s)

Existing Features

  • Any user can touch the object and receive landmarks.
  • The object is open for LM submission by default, but is easily set to only receive landmarks from members of a group.
  • Object checks new LMs for copy permissions (because a locked-down landmark is no good to any avatar).

To Be Completed

  • Owner can change floatText color
  • Drop a good LM and object will IM the owner with the name of the landmark and name of the user.
  • User can receive 'About' NC (explains LMX)
  • Report new LMs since last visit
  • Delivery of selected LMs (as opposed to entire list)
  • Mysti-Tool Plugin for SLurl feed and submission
  • Menu driven Owner interface
  • select group restriction
  • Option for reporting SLurl details in IM, creating hyperlinks without Inventory clutter
  • Grid-wide update (XiMP)




Why am I unable to rez plants from Library on my own land?"
Mainland parcel, owned by me, not set to group, plenty of prims available...

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