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Welcome and Hiya all to my profile.

I'm glad you made it sop far and would like to take the chance, while you look at this page, to introduce myself.
I've been now in SL since June 2007 and have explored not even half the world yet.
I run a little Freebie store and a shop where I sell my geek attachments in Egg Land.

I've joined the Mentor Program early this year and I mus say: wow! That's exactly what I needed! Helping others is a passion and I enjoy it very much.
I did that allready by setting up the Freebie and now I get the great opportunity to share my experiance with new residents too.

I run SL on Linux - because Linux is all that I realy understand. So if you have any questions regarding SL on Linux don't hessitate and give me a shout! I am pleased to help as much as I can.
I will start a little category for code sniplets here so feel free to copy whatever you like.
You can find some of my screen captures (currently taken on a ThinkPad x60s with the normal client) on my Picasa Web Album.

Cheers, and see you in world