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Payment Info on File
  • I am a builder, an architect (I create new things not using templates)


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Who am I?

I am a citizen of the world (RL or SL doesn't make any difference), I have travelled around mother earth a lot and now I am surfing the virtuality. I am a medicine nearly graduated woman who wants to share knowledge using new media and 3D experience (contact me for this) I have taken this new experience seriously and never will end to learn from it!

What are my skills?

  • Medicine simulation skills, land organizer for istitutions and universities
  • Estate manager, sim organizer, community revitalizer
  • Problem solver: everywhere I meet someone who has a problem I help or teach - it is my nature!
  • Teaching things to new and old SL citizens (I was a teacher at TUI University in SL)
  • Notecards translator and scribe.
  • Photoshop user, graphic design, texture and vendor adv. creator
  • Sculpted objects
  • Italian Design Furnitures
  • RL conferences about SL UI (user interface) and its use in education, business and web 2.0 related content

Favourite Places to view in SL

Second Life best places!

The Ivory Tower Library of Prims

The best place to learn basic building prim shapes and prim torturing, following the walkway inside the building (notecards also available in Italian) SLURL to the Tower of Prims


Italian sand box and friendly place where sometimes take some lessons.


Textures are us

This place is gorgeus and full of buyable textures made beautifully - beware: illegal copying of texture is not tollerated by sellers who spent a lot of hard work and time to create something new; LL will act against any violation of the International Copyrights Acts!

SLURL to Texture are us