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Bizarre Obscure: General manager of the NoRsims in Second Life, founder of Demonkind in NoR and the Legacy Studios. Promoting NoR an adult RP and Combat community.

Welcome to the Land of NoR! We are a vast Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community, where you immerse yourself in the living story that takes place during the War of the Armageddon.

Races roaming the Land of NOR are: Humans, Machinas, Nekos, Mythics, Nocturnals, Angels, Demons, Drow, Elfins, Revenants. All can be one of the classes: DPS, Healer, Tank.

Most races have families/clans which offer the individual a home and protection but there's also many independent players.

NOR features Free Form RolePlay which means the players themself make up the paths of how the RP develops.

Find out more by reading the websites: [1] [2]

Facebook: [3]

Youtube: [4] [5]

Twitter: [6]