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I am Brenda Maculate. I live in Massachusetts, which is on the east coast of the United States.

I have been enjoying Second Life since my Rez Day in January of 2007, and I have been a member of the Second Life Volunteer program since late November of 2007. I would like to help new Residents learn how to make the best of their Second Life experience.

I speak English and a little French. I am able to script in LSL, and I can do some building!  :)

In Real Life, I am a unix System Administrator.

I have a place in Kowari. I don't mind visitors (even unannounced!), so feel free to pop by and see what I've been working on. If I am there, I'll be happy to answer your questions if I can.

Meaningless details

Likes: Summer walks on the beach, sunsets, watching snow fall
Dislikes: People who feel they have to be *in* *your* *face* to chat with you.
Sign: Neon!

Current events

I am currently using the Release viewer, and I am very happy with it. There are a couple things that I would love to see, though:

  • Scriptable control of the Glow parameter that prims now have (yes, I know about the '25' trick, but it doesn't seem to work just yet). I think that will be a wonderful thing to see! It's slated for 1.19.2, so maybe it will be with us soon.
  • llTeleportAgent(). It's been rumored for some time, and I think it would be wonderful to be able to actually teleport grid-wide without having to "fake it", either through hacks that work only within a given sim or through use of llMapDestination().