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That´s Me


About Me

I´m Brujah Bracula (ex-Brujah Fortitude), an ex-SL Mentor, usually wandering trough Mainland. Things you can ask me... hum... stuff about Second Life, Real Life, Life... Life is a great thing, from eating to doing something good, from working to doing something really boring.

About me (RL Version)

My name is still Antonio, trough now i´m working already with finances and i´m married, very happy, decided to give a look at my profile and maybe help the wiki.


No Skills Actually

What to do in SL?

About what to do on SL, do anything u´d like to do it, just be polite and good to people, good thing about SL, there are places to RP, so if you wanna be a f**ing bastard, go there, act as a f**ing bastard, people will like to see your good playing and you can end finding friends like you.

Do you wanna make naughty things, do it, Second Life is a adult living world.. there are kids too, but they are usually on PG Lands, by the way, they can just go trough PG Areas. Do you wanna be naughty? Be it, but please do it on Mature Places, or even better, Places suited for that. We need to make SL a enjoyable place for everybody, and everybody is everybody, from the ultimate naughty to the ultimate f**ing bastard. ROFL.

I Still believe in all of this (edit).

What not to do in SL?

As Real World, people are people, avatars are not non sentimental users, they are people, so try to be polite with everyone, as said a few lines ago, there´re places to be a ****ing bastard.

As there´re illegal stuff on RL, its the same on SL. In order to preserve peace between everyone, lets respect common sense.

What do you think of SL?

I really enjoy Second Life, very good to make friends, to learn new stuff, and a lot of stuff else. Try yourself, you´ll really like it. I am not good with speeches like, all ur dreams etecetera, i can guaratee that at least friends you will make, believe me, i´m not a social person, but i make friends everyday, that happens cause there are lot of kind people on SL...