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Buckaroo Mu: Second Life

DJ, Dragon, Scripter - and a little of everything else. I sell scripted gadgets in my store in Wildmutt, DJ here & there, and help to lead the Dragons of Pern RP group headquartered on the Gianfar Estate. I'm married to the lovely Wendy Foxchase, talented clothing, shoe, hat, and jewelry designer, and an all-around wonderful person to be around.

Buckaroo Mu: First Life

OK, it's not my real name, but it's close enough. I am a life-long Geek of All Trades, currently serving as the Systems & Network Administrator for a large non-profit in the Mid-West USA (UTC-6/5). In the past, I have been: all ranks from Captain to ballast of a sailing vessel; Kinko's copy-boy; Arc-welder repairman, US Army Radio Repairman (ret); VAX, Novell, and Windows System Admin; Novell Server, Windows, PHP, and AVR Systems Programmer; and telephone Tech Support, to name a few.

I am an advocate of F/OSS, and use FreeBSD whenever possible rather than Windows (Although I do use XP on all of my desktops). I have converted my employer from Novell to FreeBSD/Samba/LDAP (much to their delight), and incorporate as much F/OSS as I can. I cannot say I'm good with C++ - I'm a Guru-level programmer with plain C, never learned much about the ++ part - but I do hope to be useful in the development of Second Life as an Open-Source System.

I'm also married to the Real Life woman behind Wendy Foxchase, and have been for the last glorious 17+ years.

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