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Calla Cela writes tutorials for open source programs that can be used to create content for use in Second Life, including Audacity (sound/music) S4SL (scripts) Rokuro (sculpts) Plopp (sculpts) Qavimator (avatar animation and poses) Puppeteer (prim animation)

She also creates building tutorials and classes. One of the most popular is "A Dozen Things You need to Know Before You Start Making Jewelry".

Her store in WestHaven, The Perfect Gift offers textures for plants and gems, sculpt maps, tutorials, sound files, animations and more, full perm for content creators. There are always free prizes on the MM board(s) at the store.

The GIMPsters group is for students, past and present, of her 10 week course for The GIMP image manipulation program, a free-to-download program similar to PhotoShop.

Calla is a long time resident of Second Life, since October 13, 2005.