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About Chaos Mohr

I have been in-world since December of 2006 and in that time have learned a lot and made some incredible friendships. In addition to a large Land selling and consulting business here on Second Life, I also volunteer as a Second Life mentor, and specialize in Land and Island issues, including Mainland and Estate issues, terraforming, and group land.

I believe in keeping SL beautiful, and have two large public parks on which my partner Aurora and I host various events - Doyle (Mainland) and Synchronicity Island.


  • Languages: .Net Programming, VB, C#, still learning lsl ;)
  • Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, Server 2k3 & 2k8, various Linux flavors
  • Certs: MCSD, MCSE, MS Small Business Specialist, A+


  • Owner of MainLandSL.COM [1] and TC Enterprises Land Sales and Development
  • Owner of Synchronicity Island, and Doyle Public Park
  • Member of various in-world help and education groups, including: OpenMLS, SL Land Answers, Virtual Volunteers
  • Second Life Mentor, Mentor Buddy, Mentor Coach, and Orientation Coach
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