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Charity Colville (7/29/2006) Original founder and creator of Phat Cat's along with her husband, Dilbert Dilweg. Charity and Dilbert met in Second Life and built the first PG rated ballroom to reach the #1 spot in popularity without the use of bots, campers, or sex as a lure. They fell in love while building Phat Cat's together and later sold it so they could travel across the United States to move, and be together in their real lives. Charity is also a Second Life Mentor.

Now happily married and living their real life romance, Charity and Dilbert returned to Second Life to give back what they received to the SL community. They now own another highly popular venue called Sweethearts Jazz. Sweethearts Jazz features dancing, social interaction, shopping, weddings, and a full featured singles dating service with an integrated website called, Sweethearts Singles