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About me

I've been in Second Life since December 2008. I love to learn new things so I'm often attending classes, conferences or meetings in Second Life. I maintain a 'working' presence in Second Life during regular working hours in a tech support role as it relates to my RL job (it's government related, all hush hush *wink*). After hours can either find me hanging out around Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, or in some kind of information gathering mode (i.e. class, meeting, bitch session) or shopping in SL. I also do building in Second Life, but currently only for my own personal use.

I'm a bit quiet at first, but I am friendly. I'm usually trying to do several things at once, so if I seem unresponsive, it might be because I'm chatting with someone in another window or maybe I'm letting the dog out or working with others in RL. If you have a question, and I know the answer I am more than happy to pass on that knowledge.

The Real Me? - I rez'd in real life on 18 September 1963. I'm a bit shy, mild mannered, and like my avatar wear glasses, have green eyes and dark brown hair... if you don't count the white hairs that... are there for highlights, yeah, thats it. I love music, especially 80s music and listen to STAR 107.9 to get my daily fix of 80s music. Any more detail would be just TMI.

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