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Hi -- I'm a RL programmer cum SL scripter; wouldn't consider myself an LSL expert but I do OK. I do a lot of custom script work for my partner Nimue Jewell for her furniture business (Prim Pincher,

I've also got my own shop, where I'm starting to sell some of my scripted doo-dads (The Mathom House, My favorite creation thus far would have to be my butterflies -- I've made a butterfly emitter that rezzes scripted (temp-on-rez) prim butterflies that fly around, flapping their wings. The flight is simply beautiful, about the best I've seen anywhere on the grid thus far... It was fun making them b/c I started out my career as an aerospace engineer -- a rocket scientist/programmer can't help but enjoy scripting up a physical flying doo-dad and see it come to life :).

Anway -- if you're just getting started scripting, make sure to check out the SL scripting tips forum (full of helpful people, and answers to questions you may have just waiting for you), and make sure you bookmark the LSL wiki (, as well as the LSL portal on this wiki.