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Monday 25th Oct 2010
Cynikal Deanimator
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About Me

I am a career programmer in Real Life, and have worked on various pieces of software for companies of all sizes. In Second Life, I am scripting working on various projects. More notably, I tend to work on scripts that go beyond the simple llDialog approach, and I tend to incorporate a web back end using an ASP.Net server, that allows me/users to control their scripts from a web page.

I used to be fairly "famous" around SL more for my "CynMAX Lottery" system which derived from older SL technology. It had thousands and thousands of purchases and used to turn a fairly nice profit at $2L at a time. I did take a hiatus from SL for awhile, and now i'm back and jumped right back into scripting. Creating new, and finishing old projects.

If you ever need/want SL Scripting help, and are not opposed to paying for my time, feel free to contact me!

Word of Advice to Scripting Beginners

The ability to script anything worth a damn does NOT come overnight. This logic applies to any form of programming. It takes time to understand the functions, and what they do. It takes time to understand the format of the code, and the use of brackers { } and the use of Arguments{llOwnerSay("This is my argument");}. Basic knowledge such as Strings, integers, boolean(in SL, it's also used as an integer), etc is also something you should expect to hear and learn about.

The thing with programming (to me anyway), is to first know what you want your end term result to be, then the ability to troubleshoot and creatively think of how you are going to achieve that process. For example..

You want to create make an object, that when they pay you $5L, it'll say "Hello" to them. Well, in that example, you'd simply wait for the money event(which is triggered when someone pays the object) then simply detect the key(person paying) and then send them an llInstantMessage(key, "Hello!"); Simple right? Literally a 2min code.

Now, you want the same script, except this time you want to incorporate a database form of logging.

Then you would wait for the money to be paid, then send an HTTP request to the server using GET values, which your website will then see, process the data, put it into a database, then your lsl script will do the llInstantMessage(key, "Hello! Oh, Btw, I added you to our database!");

As I've said and shown, it all goes off of how you want to get there.

Recommended LSL Tools

I HIGHLY recommend using a nifty program called "LSLEditor". Although the site is I highly recommend getting their version from sourceforge, as it's a number of revisions ahead. (On the site, it's v2.4, on Sourceforge its v2.55).