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All things JIRA

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"My" Issues

Key Description Status Priority
VWR-582 Sims that meet at a corner briefly show up after teleport from one to another Open Small
VWR-719 L$ dialogs missing (or hidden) after group notifications Open Normal
VWR-749 Bandwidth indicator: Kbps, should not have capital k Resolved: Fixed Internally Small
VWR-769 "[person] is typing" in IM window disappears when entering own message Resolved: Duplicate Small
VWR-894 Texture picker's search field should have focus Resolved: Duplicate Normal
VWR-1042 Animated Sculpted Prim should keep shape until the new texture is loaded Resolved: Won't Finish Normal
VWR-1079 Group notice: text can be selected, but won't copy to clipboard Resolved: Fixed Internally Normal
VWR-1191 Map Search - Search Results - Clicking on offline region clears Search Results Open Normal
VWR-1746 Profile > Web tab: no URL in profile keeps buttons greyed until a page is loaded, after that, Load button remains active Open Small
VWR-1747 Pie menu: Add Friend : Add "Are you sure?!" dialog Open Small
VWR-1789 Dragging multiple inventory items onto someone's profile only transfers the last selected Open Normal
VWR-1820 Map Search Results won't scroll using mouse scroll wheel Open Normal
VWR-1821 Mac Mighty Mouse horizontal scroll translates to vertical scroll Open Normal
VWR-2099 Resident Opinion Survey - Not fully visible on 800x600 AND Typed text in Why field not legible Open Normal
SVC-174 Auto-return objects at region coordinates <0, 0, 0> Open Normal
SVC-457 World Map > Objects missing Open Normal
SVC-496 llGetMass inconsistent on child prims Open Normal
WEB-237 General disclaimer: Creative Comments license instead of Creative Commons Resolved: Fixed Small

Video Repros

Video Repro: Bugs are being watched!

Bugs captured on video by me:

Key Description Status Priority
VWR-98 camera spins on zoom Open Normal
VWR-739 Client->Rendering->Types->Character being disabled effects surrounding prims and prim attachments and should not Open Normal
VWR-1191 Map Search - Search Results - Clicking on offline region clears Search Results Open Normal
VWR-1193 Strange behavior with local lighting Open Normal
VWR-1286 alt-zooming on hollow face mishandled Reopened Normal

Interesting Issues

I commented on or want to have a closer look at. These are not what I consider 'good' issues, it's just a personal list of issues to keep track of.

Due to the length of these watchlists, they're put on separate pages: VWR - SVC - WEB - MISC