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Second Life resident explorer, photographer, and author Dahlia Jayaram distinguished herself with a few notable adventurous achievements, if not outright Second Life world records (that she wishes others would attempt just for the sheer pleasure of experiencing them):

> Arguably the first person to circumnavigate by sail boat the five mainland continents connected by a single body of water (Aug.–Oct. 2009).

> The only person to hot air balloon through every* mainland continent, she documented the epic adventure in a series of free to read online books. (*begun Jan.2010; as of 2013 on continent 9 out of 10)

> Undoubtedly the only person to ever distance swim the entire east/west span of Second Life's mainland (multiple times), from off the western coast of the Satori continent to the far eastern shores of SL Norway. (Jan.2013)

> From a starting jump altitude of 8,000 meters, paraglided in a single flight all the way from eastern Gaeta V through three quarters of Corsica.


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