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Hello folks and welcome to this page! Time quickly goes away in SL and feelings and emotions too, so it is really so hard to remember all of my experiences on the grid of these first eight mounths. At the moment I am working as photographer (not such art but just some quite good postcards I think but you can check me out on!), terraformer and builder (basics). Also experimenting my personal poses and the windlight client version as well. In RL I am a attorney with a Ph.D in law, sociology, and comunication. I am actually an administrative manager at university and I am so interested in semiotics field of studies and education too, concerning some peculiar aspects of net communication. I consider myself such an opened mind person who try to behave honourably in the most of cases. I think of ways to use SL not just to escape reality but to re-engage with reality. I usually said that I am not only "a bunch of bytes and sprites" and that I am talking about real things, that touch real people. In my humble opinion all of this can enrich ourselves as human beings as well as I’m cautiously optimistic about a real new renaissance on SL, in education, art, knowledge. A cooperative and collaborative world where all people can find new ways of expression could be something extraordinary.